Who We Are & What We Do

Lodestone Leadership is a professional development and leadership training institute based out of Southern Alberta. Our unique model pairs workshop participants with horses in a carefully controlled environment in order to teach practical leadership skills in a way that is profound and deeply impactful.

We partner with horses to create a hands-on model for leadership, one in which the horses themselves actively participate. Our participants engage in exercises that have them create a connection with our animals. The horse follows their lead because they want to follow. The deep personal effects on our attendees are often life-changing. Individuals return to their work and life with a renewed confidence in themselves and their ability to lead, new strategies for engaging, motivating, and empowering their staff and coworkers, and the tools and knowledge to lead more effectively to create a more collaborative and uplifting work or home environment.

The Power of Learning with Horses

“When you learn to set boundaries with a thousand pound animal, gain his trust, direct him to perform a certain goal and entice him to follow you willingly with no restraints, using these same roles with a two hundred pound boss, employee, or family member is suddenly no big deal.” – Linda Kohanov

Why is Leadership Training Important?

Research shows that the number one reason people quit their jobs is because of a bad boss or supervisor. It has also been determined that poorly managed workers are 50% less productive and 44% less profitable than well-managed groups – a situation which definitely affects your bottom line. If you give your leadership team the tools and training to effectively lead, the effects will spread throughout your entire organization.

Based on the Eponaquest leadership training model pioneered by Linda Kohanov, our workshops train participants to adopt a leadership style that emphasizes sharing power. We teach participants tools and methods that they can use in the workplace to empower and inspire their team in ways that have been proven to increase productivity and workplace morale. We know that well-led and happy teams are more efficient, more productive, and enjoy their work more.

Our profound workshops benefit teams across all sectors, from the corporate world, to non-profits, social services, public agencies, political and community organizations, to parents and teachers.

Our Facility

The Pothole Creek Arena is a state-of-the-art training centre located in the beautiful Ranchland of Southern Alberta, just outside the City of Lethbridge. Our location puts you in touch with the wild and beautiful soul of ranch-country, while giving you the convenience of modern facilities and amenities close to an urban centre.

Pothole Creek Ranch offers a variety of equine services and we encourage you to check out the various activities that we engage in.