Leadership is a Relationship

Our Vision

We create the framework for corporate leaders to experience a powerful way of understanding and strengthening their leadership skills, reducing workplace conflicts and promoting a collaborative workplace ethic that empowers teams and can directly affect your bottom-line.

Our Mission

At Lodestone Leadership, our mission is to help create effective team leaders who inspire their people to greater productivity and who know how to create positive work environments. We do this by teaching managers how to create balance and shared power in upper management.

Today’s corporate world is highly competitive, a reality that often leads to counter productive side effects. Conflicts and power struggles between professionals are common, and lead to incredible wastes of energy, time, and money. Our workshops aim to create self-aware and socially intelligent leaders who excel at leading others in a shared effort. The positive effects of this style of leadership make an incredible difference across sectors, from corporations and small businesses, to the social services, educational institutions, religious organizations, families, community-based businesses, or political organizations.